Jeu d’évasion à Québec – Escape Games Quebec

Eliviascape is an escape game company operating in Quebec City that offers an immersive experience of the highest quality. Our team is composed of several artisans from the region who have developed sets and puzzles to meet your expectations.

Our biggest reward is seeing your smile at the end of your mission and that’s why we are trying to create a pleasant experience for each of our customers.

Located at the entrance of the bridges near the Route de l’Église and Quatres-Bourgeois. This escape game allows you to accomplish this mission with friends, family or work colleagues. Check out our mission section to give you a taste of each mission of this escape game in the greater Quebec City area.

Wow, room with a lot of potential, super beautiful and immersive scenery, puzzles diversified and at the height, pleasure assured! I strongly advise Eliviascape to escape game addicts and also beginners, because we can easily adapt the level of difficulty with additional clues! Congratulations, very successful as an experiment!

Karen Moreau-Villeneuve, Comment on Facebook

Abstraction was one of the strongest escape games that we have played in North America

Room Escape Artist, Commentaire sur Facebook

It’s very fun! Decor and puzzles on top! Beautiful surprises.

Jessica Lebbe ( Les Captivés ), Comments on Facebook page Accros aux jeux d'évasion

Room very fun! Beautiful scenery and great puzzles! Beautiful reveals!

Alex St-Jacques, Comment on page Facebook Accros aux jeux d'évasion

The sets are really beautiful and the riddles are difficult enough to have fun digging your head! We can not wait for the next one 🙃

Stéphanie Paré, Comment on Facebook